Well then…

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Drollerie’s ‘zine is up and readable! There’s a TON of great stories and such in there so go, scurry, read! I’m honored to have a short story there, so this isn’t entirely altruistic, lol.  Widow’s Walk is in there, waiting.



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I had a *ton* of entries on here just…poof, vanish!  I’ll see what I can do to restore them… in the mean time, if you’ve seen ’em, send them home! They’re sorely missed!

La littérature ne permet pas de marcher, mais elle permet de respirer.

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(the quote is from Barthes)

Well, I’m doing it again… I’m working on a novel for NaNoWriMo.  I figured, since the first one worked out so well (hey, it’s finally getting published! Whooo! Two years and untold queries later, Drollerie was the fantabulous publishing house that accepted it and I’m still giddy about it!), let’s try again.  I have so many ideas to work on that I get paralyzed with panic in my writing, though!  I want to work on x, no y! Wait, what about ABC and D?  *sigh*  Could be worse… could be totally and utterly blank.  Check out http://www.nanowrimo.org if you’re a glutton for punishment! 😉

Deadline Extended…

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Nothing But Red has extended the submission deadline till December 1, 2007.  If you haven’t read about this project or the impetus behind it, you can find out more here…


(and I’m not affiliated with Nothing But Red in any way other than being a big supporter of the movement and project)

Helluo librorum

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Long time no post!  Mea maxima culpa!  *wink*  Real Life ™ has been insane and it’s become one of those things where Real Life ™ and Writer Life ™ has blurred into one!  Which is exciting and scary at the same time, lol!  I’ve finally admitted to friends and family that I read romance novels.  Say it loud, say it proud.  It horrified a professor that I do this and not something weighter like immersing myself in Forester or Woolf.  While I do appreciate Woolf and Forester and numerous classics and modern novels, there’s times when nothing beats a good romance novel (or a bad one if you’re in a mood for a laugh).  That said… do you feel any writing is art or just elevated forms, as the nabobs say?

tempus fugit

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crede quod habes, et habes

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Maybe it’s because I’m all giddy over finally being published but I’m not having the mental spaz about writing long term papers like I usually do.  I’m finally back in grad school after five years or so out of it and I have three twenty page papers and one fifteen page paper due within the next six weeks.  Nervous?  Nope.  Not even a little.  Not even when I remember I also have two articles to do for “other job” and I get to start editing soon on Unseelie.  Not even a bit.  Stressed? Eh, no more than usual.  I think it’s one of those confidence things–if you think you can do it, you can do it.  Once you start thinking it’s impossible… that’s where the problems start.